March 10th, 2023 / 10:30 – 12:00 CET

Coordinators: Inmaculada Egido and José Reis

Leadership for a whole child development inspires specific relationships with each of the members of the educational community: with families (respecting spheres and justifying who does what, although permeating spaces); with teachers (to whom learning objectives are set, revaluating their professional competences and their role as transmitters of culture and knowledge, and instruments for the development of this whole child development); and with students (whose growth is considered as a whole, multidimensional). Consequently, this leadership considers the center as a community, as a space for civic learning.



Can there be a holistic education?

Katharine Birbalsingh

Headmistress and co-founder of Michaela Community School

Michaela’s Progress 8 score placed the school top in the country, and OFSTED graded it “Outstanding” in every category. Katharine read Philosophy & Modern Languages at The University of Oxford. She has written two books and edited another two, including The Power of Culture about Michaela. In recognition of her contributions, she was appointed Honorary Fellow of New College, Oxford in 2021 and Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in 2020.

«In schools with disadvantaged children sometimes you can find poor behaviour, and it can be constant disruption. As a disadvantaged child, school is your one route out, your way of being able to be socially mobile. And if school lets you down, then that’s it.»

ROUNDTABLE – 15:50 to 12:00 CET


An educational community in movement

Moderator: Inmaculada Egido

Universidad Autónoma of Madrid

University Professor in the Faculty of Education at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid (UCM). Specialist in Comparative and International Education and Educational Policy. She has been president of the Spanish Society of Comparative Education (SEEC).

«The ultimate goal of knowing, training, exercising and practicing leadership for the whole child development is to help children and young people recognize their inalienable value as individuals.».

Presented by

Nuria Delgado. Headmistress at IES Arcipreste de Hita

Degree in Law and Musicology from the University of Salamanca. She has been a music teacher at Areteia School (La Moraleja, Madrid) and Nuestra Sra. de los Ángeles School (Alicante) for 6 years. She joined the civil service in 2004 as a Secondary Education teacher, specializing in Music. Since 2006 she works at the IES Arcipreste de Hita in Entrevías (Vallecas, Madrid). She has been Headmistress of this same center since 2015.

Irene Louro. Headmistress for Agrupamento de Escolas José Afonso Loures

Degreein History, Specialist in Evaluation, Management and Educational Administration. Teacher since 1983 and Headmitress since 2004 of the Group of Schools José Afonso Loures, currently with 2,288 students, schooled from Preschool to Secondary Education. With day and night teaching, they promote an inclusive educational project that aims to ensure that all students learn and that no one is left behind.


Miguel Ángel Santos Guerra. University of Málaga

Professor Emeritus of the University of Malaga. Teacher at all levels of the educational system. Author of 83 single-authored books, including Las feromonas de la manzana o el valor educativo de la dirección escolar, Yo te educo, tú me educas, El harén pedagógico y La escuela que aprende. Gold Medal of the Ateneo de Málaga (2015). Award: “Personas que dejan huella. For his contribution to the emotional well-being of Latin America” (2020). Author of the blog El Adarve since 2004.

«The noise of the actions of leaders reaches the ears of the community members so loudly that it prevents them from hearing what they are saying. There is no more beautiful and effective form of authority than example.».

Mariano Fernández-Enguita. University Complutense of Madrid

Professor of Sociology at University Complutense of Madrid, where he coordinated the Doctorate in Education and designed the hiperaula.ucm project. He directs the Advanced Master in Educational Research and Transformation UCM-ILE-OEI (MAITE). Former director of INAP. He recently published Más escuela y menos aula. La innovación educativa en un cambio de época y La organización escolar. Repensando la caja negra para poder salir de ella. More at

«In the long term we can speak of a general movement in the community, but in the short term what we are experiencing is a clash of trains between transformation and reaction, within the teaching profession, within the education system and between it and society».

Katharine Birbalsingh. Michaela Community School

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Inmaculada Egido

Nuria Delgado

Irene Louro

Miguel Ángel Santos

Mariano Fernández Enguita

Conclusions: José Reis Lagarto

Universidade Católica Portuguesa