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Dear friends and colleagues,

On behalf of the organizational committee of the Symposium and all that support it, we encourage you to join us on March 9th and 10th in Madrid for a conference discussing the issues raised by the question, “What is new in educational leadership?”

We hope to facilitate a space for sharing ideas concerning the development of leadership for the whole child development of children and youth, inviting to this discussion especially the administrative teams of our most vulnerable schools.

This goal is, undoubtedly, a challenge and an ideal. It is challenging because it requires the teamwork between two basic understandings: on one hand, all facets of human character are cultivated and put to work in the scholastic stage; on the other, the administrative role projects its sphere of action onto each member of the educational community. It is an ideal because it is never fully achieved, although it will leave behind a trail of experiences and good practices that will teach us how we should understand future schools. Some of these will be the center of our conference.

For this, for the importance of education in the construction of vital and hopeful societies, and to help us strengthen the ties between all attendees, we would like for you to be a part of this initiative and ask for your support.

Thank you for your participation.

Miguel Ángel Sancho Gargallo (top) and Rodrigo de Queiroz e Melo, Co-Presidents of the International Committee



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