March 9th, 2023 / 10:15 – 11:45 CET

Coordinators: David Reyero y José Almeida

The scientific literature is consistent in pointing out the effects of some forms of educational leadership in schools that are highly complex due to the diversity of needs posed by their students, the families they come from and the teachers who serve them. Understanding the multitude of factors -cultural, ethnic, low socioeconomic status, from ecosystems of poverty or violence-, reflecting on them and integrating this varied reality into the life of the school is a requirement for management teams committed to a new style of leadership.

«Prudence is the only virtue inherent to a ruler. The prudent man is the one who knows how to properly deliberate.».




Ulysses and Icarus, or 5 keys to new leadership

David Reyero

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

University Professor at the Faculty of Education, Center for Teacher Training, at the University Complutense of Madrid (UCM) since 2000 and professor of the Master of Memory and Criticism of Education at the UNED and the University of Alcalá de Henares. He is co-director of the consolidated Research Group of the University Complutense in Anthropology and Philosophy of Education (GIAFE) ( since 2012. Researcher with numerous publications in educational journals included in the Journal Citation Reports (JCR), and lecturer at universities in Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico and Brazil.

«Ulysses is a person at a crossroads who, through his decisions and actions, overcomes the difficulties he has to face in his quest for what is right.».


ROUND TABLE – 10:35 to 11:45 CET


Reflect, create value, convey vision, build trust and gain reputation

Moderator: David Reyero

University Complutense of Madrid

Presented by

Carmen Pascual and Noemí Rodríguez Pérez. Headmistress and head of studies at CEIP Padre Coloma, respectively.

Carmen is a teacher and holds a degree in History of Art. Author of different training courses for teachers. Participant in the elaboration of the LOMCE Curriculum for the Consejería de Educación de la CAM. Speaker at sessions for the Faculties of Education of the UCM, UAM and CRIF Las Acacias. President of selection boards. Participant in various selection committees for headteacher and trainee civil servant selection processes. Representative of public schools in other commissions.

Noemí is a teacher and holds a degree in Psychopedagogy. School choir conductor. Specialist in educational ICT. Author of different training courses for teachers and participant in the development of the LOMCE curriculum for the Consejería de Educación de la CAM. Speaker in sessions for the Faculties of Education of the UCM, UAM and CRIF Las Acacias and in the training of the Digital Teaching Plan in educational centres.

Aitor del Coto. Occupational Centers Director for the APROCOR Foundation

Since 1997 he has dedicated almost his entire professional career to support people with intellectual disabilities, especially in the field of employment and job placement in ordinary companies. Dccupational Centers Director for Fundación Inclusión y Apoyo and Fundación APROCOR for 12 years. And since 2022, he is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Organization’s quality policy, People Policy and relations and alliances with companies.


Aurora Bernal. University of Navarra

Aurora Bernal Martínez de Soria. Degree and PhD in Educational Sciences, Professor in Theory and History of Education at the School of Education and Psychology of the University of Navarra. Researcher in the group Educación, ciudadanía y carácter. Currently working on the project, Programa de liderazgo en educación del carácter for Mexican public schools.

Fernando Gil Cantero. University Complutense of Madrid

Professor of Theory of Education in the Department of Educational Studies of the Faculty of Education (Teacher Training Center) of the University Complutense of Madrid. Co-director with Professor David Reyero of the UCM Research Group Anthropology and Philosophy of Education (GIAFE). He has received the Premio Infancia from the Community of Madrid and the Premio Esteve from the University of Málaga. Editor since January 2019 of the journal Teoría de la Educación. Revista Interuniversitaria.

Almudena Díez-Bartolomé. Directora de Programas de Formación en la Fundación Rafael del Pino

Industrial Mechanical Engineer by the UNED. Associate professor at the UNED and teacher and researcher at the University of Castilla-La Mancha and with several years of professional activity in the construction, land management and urban development sector.

«The training I organise focuses on building better people. And that has to be done from what each one of us is. That is why it is so important that we get to know each other more and more; that we empathise; that we communicate well what we are, what we want, what we expect from each other; that we listen; that we build solid relationships».

Carmen Pascual

Noemi Rodríguez

Aitor del Coto

Aurora Beltrán

Fernando Gil Cantero

Almudena Díez-Bartolomé

The flight of Icarus, a holistic view

Conclusions: José María de Almeida

Universidade Católica Portuguesa-FCH-CEPCEP

PhD in Educational Sciences, specializing in School Planning and Administration from the University of Coimbra. He develops research activity in the areas of School Planning and Organization, Curriculum, Educational Evaluation, Pedagogical Supervision and Educational Leadership.

«As in the flight of Icarus, school leaders observe the world in which they live as part of their vocation as educators; from above they see not only the houses but the neighborhood and the streets and the city and the fields and the people they know and those they may come to know, and an endless horizon.».

WORKSHOP – 10:45 to 11:45 CET

Room 1

How to convey your school’s vision through «storytelling»

Participation dynamics based on the storytelling technique as an impact formula to attract, generate trust and strengthen leadership in the development of your school’s educational project.

Lead by: Julio Pérez-Tomé

Storyteller, Marketing and Communication Consultant. Team Coach.

«I have been building and creating messages to move, motivate and lead people for almost forty years. The “personal storytelling” uses the “BackMirror” method of my own making. A method that works because stories have worked over centuries. The big difference is that it shows us how to find in the past those daily and unique stories that will accompany us to transform our own life and the lives of others in an exciting tale.».